Do you want a proven way to dramatically improve results?

WileyPLUS enables students to learn, engage and grow

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Do you want a proven way to dramatically improve results?

WileyPLUS enables students to learn, engage and grow

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"The inclusion of affordable technology in the classroom has revolutionised our Extended Curriculum Programme. WileyPLUS has significantly impacted the way students learn and access educational materials." Moses Basitere – Extended Curriculum Programme, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa

Reliable tools and resources to reinforce course goals inside and outside of the classroom


Since research shows that students experience a great deal of anxiety over studying, WileyPLUS provides a structured learning environment that helps students focus on what to do, along with the support of multimedia resources.


WileyPLUS helps to ensure that each study session has a positive outcome by putting students in control. Through instant feedback and study objective reports, students know if they did it right, and where to focus next, so they achieve the strongest results.


To increase and sustain motivation throughout the semester, WileyPLUS helps students learn how to do it at a pace that's right for them. Our integrated resources – available 24/7 – function like a personal tutor, directly addressing each student's demonstrated needs with specific problem-solving techniques.

Diagnose early

Lecturers assess the real-time proficiency of each student to inform teaching decisions. Students always know what they need to work on.

Facilitate engagement

Lecturers can quickly organise learning activities, manage student collaboration, and customise their course.

Measure outcomes

With visual reports, it's easy for both students and lecturers to gauge problem areas and act on what's most important.


WileyPLUS with ORION

Integrated into many of our WileyPLUS courses, WileyPLUS with ORION provides students with a personal, adaptive learning experience. It is based on cognitive science and enables students to build their proficiency and use their time more effectively.

Identify early

Simply by assigning ORION, you can diagnose the real-time proficiency of each student and see the areas that need reinforcement.

Organise learning

With ORION's adaptive practice, students can interact with each other as they think more deeply about concepts at hand.

Measure outcomes

ORION helps you measure students' engagement and proficiency throughout the course, so that you can easily assess how things are going at any time.

"ORION tells you what you need to work on as you're going through it. You're able to see where you went wrong and revise the knowledge you were supposed to know for that question. It's like a virtual teacher." Student – Newcastle University, Australia

Greater engagement with WileyPLUS and ORION improves student outcomes

See how student engagement with WileyPLUS and ORION adaptive practice positively impacts course performance.

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WileyPLUS with ORION Efficacy: An independent Review

Students who engage with Wiley's adaptive learning system, ORION, perform better in their course.

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WileyPLUS with ORION: Efficacy Summary Infographic

Students who spend an extra 3 hours using ORION have, on average, nearly half a letter grade higher in their course than those who have spent no time in ORION.

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